Company Introduction

    Beijing Oriental Inter-Cultural Medical is an international medical investment management institution committed to the inheritance, development and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). We focus on medical management, technology, academic exchange, and global communication.
    We are one of the most remarkable demonstration bases for TCM and our goal here is to increase facilities, to accomplish a globalization and standardization for TCM, and set a higher standard of knowledge in TCM within preventive medical areas by building our own brand. We are looking to enhance the global influence of TCM through educational programs and certifications, along with intensive training courses.
    Combining our advanced technology, remote multimedia diagnosis system, and our team of experts and specialists in TCM, we aim to provide extremely safe and effective medical healthcare services and products in order to contribute to a brighter future for TCM, while continuously improving the health care system and health care technology.
    In addition to managing and operating TCM clinics, our focus is on advocating health through health education programs. In initiating these efforts, we have created professional medical training programs, health salons, symposiums, and other events to “promote health”. We hope through providing high-quality, integrated TCM medical services and advocating health education to further develop TCM abroad and let TCM influence the world.

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